Jul 21

How To Caclulate The Mass Of The Universe

Mass of the universe

Posted: July 21, 2021 @ 12:40 am   The following equation provides the amount of matter present in the universe as explained by Particle Mutation Theory. It reads: total mass = visible mass plus the perceived mass from “dark matter” that is divided by the ARRESTMENT MULTIPLIER. To date, the arrestment multiplier is approximately 30. […]

May 12

Could We Be Living In A 5-Dimensional Universe?

5-D Universe

Do the dimensions of length, width, height and time explain our universe sufficiently? Maybe not. Could we be living in a 5-Dimensional universe where gravity is the 5th dimension. Sounds crazy but it explains dark matter and the elusive Graviton.

Feb 27

Alternative Explanation For Outer Galactic Rotation

Alternative Explanation For Outer Galactic Rotation

Write up will come.  For now I will show images to convey the idea. This was posted February 27, 2021 @ 1:24 pm EST. An explanation for the source of these extra-gravitational waves will be provided. Furthermore, this article will consider dwarf galaxies with and without “Dark Matter.”

Apr 28

Lifecycle Of A Universe

The following description of the lifecycle of the universe was developed from my understanding of Particle Mutation Theory (PMT). A key concept of PMT is the dual nature of matter. Matter, as we observe it, has certain properties and laws.  The laws of matter are well defined and have been proven using a myriad of […]

Nov 15

Crop Circle Depicts Proton-Proton Chain Reaction


Are crop circles human constructs or evidence of mystical forces? Who knows!?! Perhaps the answer is a sprinkle of both. However, here is a crop circle that has an uncanny familiarity with the Proton-Proton Chain (P2P). The P2P chain is significant because it is a process by which stars created conditions that led to the existence of all life in the universe.

Nov 11

Thought Experiment: Temperature Limit of Supercooled Particles

Particle Mutation Theory (PMT) asserts a “boundary” that prevents super cooled particles from sustaining a temperature at or below 0 Kelvin. For this reason, many experiments into superconductors and exotic particles are destined for failure! This is a proclamation based on the fundamentals of PMT and is intended to be a index for historical record.

Oct 13

Thought Experiment: Nuclear Mass Defect

Nuclear Mass Defect and Particle Mutation Theory

If Particle Mutation Theory (PMT) is correct, we should be able to see something in the universe that may be unexplained or unexplored, but nonetheless can be used as proof that PMT has merit. I have chosen the Nuclear Mass Defect as a means to reveal something about physics that until now has remained unknown to science.

Jun 29

Particle Mutation Theory – Introduction (2019)

Particle Mutation Theory 2019

Particle Mutation Theory (PMT) is a new theory underpinning “fundamental” particle physics. It was conceptualized in 2008 by Christopher Joseph Binns an entrepreneur and programmer from Canada. Possible technological innovations as a result of PMT include power generation, transportation, and communication.