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Alternative Explanation For Outer Galactic Rotation

Alternative Explanation For Outer Galactic Rotation

Write up will come.  For now I will show images to convey the idea.

This was posted February 27, 2021 @ 1:24 pm EST.

An explanation for the source of these extra-gravitational waves will be provided. Furthermore, this article will consider dwarf galaxies with and without “Dark Matter.”

Galaxy Top View
Gravitational waves depicted to explain the rotation of stars around the galactic core.
Galaxy Side View
Rotation of starts at the edge of galaxies are moving faster than the gravity generated from visible matter can explain. Why we need Dark Matter.
Wave Amplitudes and Tsunami's
A Tsunami is unseen in the ocean. When the wave reaches the shore, its amplitude increases. A similar phenomena occurs in galaxies (PMT assertion).
Amplitude Increase of Gravitational Waves
Like a Tsunami in the ocean, under specific conditions, gravitational waves spread out within the middle of the galaxy unnoticed and the amplitude increases once it reaches the outer edge of the galaxy. This results in faster rotational speeds of stars at the edge.

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