May 10

Important Next Steps For Understanding Matter

Particle Accelerator

Posted: May 10, 2021

The following list of topics will be important next steps for understanding matter or  the quantum world.

These topics are:

  • The vibrational effects on matter by a photon derived from a repeating particle accelerator
  • How matter bound within a 2-D lattice framework is manipulated by gravitational fields (matter: low density gas)
  • Why temperature is a problematic control for the study of superconductors and exotic matter
  • Common characteristics of highly conductive materials (emphasis: molecular structure)

A better understanding of these topics will enable more efficient power transportation (close to 100% efficiency) and power generation (non-radioactive).

About the Author:

Founder & CEO of Bizstim Software Solutions. Particle Physics Enthusiast. My Particle Mutation Theory (PMT) is capable of bridging the knowledge gap between quantum physics and general relativity. This website is designed to provide thought experiments that can be used to prove the validity of PMT. Prove me wrong if you can!

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