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Particle Mutation Theory – Introduction (2019)

Particle Mutation Theory 2019

Particle Mutation Theory (PMT) is a new theory underpinning “fundamental” particle physics. It was conceptualized in 2008 by Christopher Joseph Binns an entrepreneur and programmer from Canada.

On June 28, 2019 the theory was introduced to the world. A central component of PMT is the existence of a Mutation Agent (MA). The MA will be shown to provide additional insights into various formulaic constants in quantum theory and general relativity.

Thought Experiments:

Power generation is a likely practical application expected to follow PMT. This power source will be clean, renewable, and without the burden of radiation.

As my understanding grows, and as I continue to make connections with quantum physics and general relativity, I can very confidently proclaim that transportation and communication will be a natural consequence of this theory; as they relate to practical products brought to market.

My goal is to raise sufficient funds to conduct research with the goal of proving PMT and attaining a better understanding of matter in general.

About the Author:

Founder & CEO of Bizstim Software Solutions. Particle Physics Enthusiast. My Particle Mutation Theory (PMT) is capable of bridging the knowledge gap between quantum physics and general relativity. This website is designed to provide thought experiments that can be used to prove the validity of PMT. Prove me wrong if you can!


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  2. Christopher Binns

    A thanks goes out to Anton Petrov on his YouTube channel for mentioning a research paper written on October 23, 2019 entitled “New evidence supporting the existence of the hypothetic X17 particle.”

    X17 isn’t a new particle and it isn’t a new force. This phenomena is predicted by PMT and explained in my Nuclear Mass Defect thought experiment linked above. It is nice to see my theory continues to surge forward with the advent of more research and information.

    I am not ready to explain what is happening yet. Furthermore, I doubt if anyone would take me seriously anyway.

    What I can say is no amount of additional tests by colliding atoms will provide meaningful information if they continue to frame particle physics in this way.

    What scientists need to do is find a way to test for gradual loss of mass following a particle collision. If the loss is gradual after the collision we will know for sure that there is more than just mass associated with binding energies.

  3. Christopher Binns

    I have not revealed the characteristics of PMT since I intend to prove its validity through thought experiments, data collection, and potential partnerships with the scientific community.

    PMT represents a “shift” in our knowledge pertaining to fundamental particle physics. As it is right now, as far as I have been able to determine, scientists are not even close to stumbling across its existence.

    I prefer to investigate PMT with the hopes of bringing deliverable products to market without opening the possibility for competition. For this reason, I do not intend to patent technology that may or may not arise from PMT as that would reveal too much about the theory.

    On the other hand, I am actively seeking those with knowledge in the areas of particle physics who would like to provide assistance pertaining to my thought experiments; guidance where I may be on point or where I have strayed from public consensus.

    If you are a potential investor with capital and you would like to pursue alternative power generation technology please use my contact us page to get in touch with me.

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